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My name is Lisa Foster and I will be your guide while you are here. 


REIKI for All Life Stages from Pregnancy to Elder Care

Reiki helps to restore and strengthen each person’s life force. No matter what the individual’s need is, Reiki will support his or her stability and well-being. Reiki does not discriminate. Its availability is constant. Treatment can be received by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The list of benefits that Reiki offers to its recipients is extensive. Any person, animal, or plant that is in need can be helped with Reiki treatments, given either through the laying on of hands or through distant healing. Reiki is for all life stages.

My Spiritual Journey 

Spiritual Awakening

A seed was planted for my Spiritual Awakening, I could say back in 2006 when I reconnected with an old, dear friend of mine who invited me to her Psychic Party. I never had much success with them but I was open to the possibilities this time. April Sheerin was SPOT ON! Amazing connections to spirit! And that all started me on my Divine Lightworker Journey!

I was divinely guided to....

Priscilla guided me to Open the door and Step over the Threshold and I came out of the Spiritual Closet!

Priscilla reintroduced me to my Angels, which peaked my interests in learning more about the Angelic Realm. Reading everything about Angel Healing became my passion!

That's when I stumbled upon Chakras & Energy work. Reiki? Never heard of it, as I read onward … a familiarity sensation took over me, I got chills, I was excited and Prisiclla guided me to Elizabeth Foley!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Divine Connections

Elizabeth is my Reiki Mentor

My life dramatically changed when I met her during her Reiki I & II Certification class. Everyone who has experienced any of her classes/workshops/retreats knows exactly how she has touched my life.

USUI REIKI I & II Certification March 2008

USUI REIKI Master/Teacher Certification May 2009

Lightarian Reiki Master 2010

Advanced Angel Healing Therapy 2011

Elizabeth J. Foley, Ph.D. is the owner of Divine Healing

Divine Tucker's Touch

During my Spiritual Awakening, and while learning to remember how to use my *Gifts*, I have experienced connecting to several animal spirits and am able to clairvoyantly & clairsentientantly (sp*)  hear & feel their presence.

***Tucker Cupp ***- a beautiful Black Lab Family member of a Reiki Client/Student of mine. Tucker connected with me through a distant Reiki Healing session during and after his life.  After that many animal spirits have visited me, and when they said Yes for the person to hear, I shared the message and both People & animal spirits were happy.

Reiki Blessings & hugs

REIKI is like a Hug for your SOUL


Discovering Your Own Inner Powers Workshop TBA

During this workshop:

You will begin the process of remembering your Divine God Given gifts.  You will have the opportunity to awaken your own psychic abilities and experience them during experimental group exercises.  

The materials presented will cover:

  • The Four Modes of Communication - Clairvoyance/audience/sentience/cognizance
  • The Chakra System - exploring the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root
  • How to See Auras
  • The basics of Telepathy & Psychometry
  • How to do a psychic and oracle card reading (practice session)
  • Do's & Don't Safety techniques

Cost of Workshop $50

Venmo/PayPal/Cash accepted