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I have always been a bit of a dreamer, most of the time I had my head up in the clouds always appearing to be somewhere else.

I grew up superstitious, fearful of rejection and that's how I continued to learn & experiencing fear of success.

I got married, at barely 19 of age, we had 3 daughters (miscarried at 24 wks, a daughter "Sarah Marie" 11-4-83

After connecting with Sarah in a dream, it was so realistic, I received many validations that I was connecting/communicating with Sarah, I became very interested in learning more but i was also very fearful so that ended that until I was guided to:

 Priscilla Griffin who reintroduced me to my Team of Spiritual Guides, and about Chakras which then lead me to:

Elizabeth J. Foley whom became my Reiki & Angel Mentor.  

Nancy Parker my IET Mentor.

Throughout the years 2006 - present time

5  Access Consciousness Facilitators

Mona  Wind 2013

Maureen Demery 2015

PK Kiely 2014

Krissy Fitzgerald 2017

Kelley "Raji" Simpson 2019

Certifications 2008-to 2019

USUI & Lightarian Reiki Master 2008-2010

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy 2011

Advanced Angel Healing Practitioner 2013

Access Consciousness Bars Practioner 2013-2019

ServSafe Certification 2019-2022

Access Bars Facilitator ** 3/2020**


Gardening, Hummingbirds 


Dietary HealthCare Cook & D.A.

Lowell, Medford, Danvers &Wilmington Facilities

Mentor/Boss, Steve Nappi, FSD

Lisa Foster, R.M

My Family

Married 9/10/83 to present 

The Foster family

Ray, Lisa, Stephanie, Melissa & Caroline 

 "Angel Sarah" 


My Why

Life Energy

"All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory"

Access Consciousness

Hello, my name is Lisa and I came out of the Spiritual Closet back in 2006, reconnecting/learning about & experiencing our Angelic Team of helpers, after many validations, that we do indeed have a Spiritual Team, i came in contact with the topic Reiki, Chakras, Angels etc.  I had several Ah-ha moments, Awe - Inspiring connections, I knew without a doubt that Reiki would be part of my life journey.

I began to share Reiki with others traveling to my clients homes, I enjoyed very much sharing a Wellness space with Massage therapists in Chelmsford 2009-2012 with Angela at MASSAGE ROCKS then in Hudson NH at Flock Together Woman's Fitness with Allie S. 2013-2014.

I then was guided towards helping even more people so I began to set my intention for my Angels/Guides to bring me to where I was needed most, and that was at Town & Country HCC as an Activities Assistant for 4.25 years, I truly experienced and learned to love caring for others, I found my niche and I was very successful and satisfied.

I began to work in the kitchen, learning all about Dietary Department, I changed my title took a leap of faith and my new position to FT Cook, enjoyed all the shift duties, and I got to experience 2 other facilities, loving meeting new people and gaining experience in Alzheimers/Dementia sharing Reiki with everyone I come in contact with.  I experienced sharing Reiki with Hospice, I'd love to get back to do that in the future. 

Now my journey has taken another turn, and I'm about to start a new chapter, but this time is different.  I've learned from my past experiences, started to walk my talk so to speak, and I'm doing this all because I want it to happen.  I'm following my gut and i'm open to where I need to be at this time!