LOVE, may this home be a place for happiness & health; of patience, respect & generosity;

 a home full of creativity & LOVE..  

May those who live here and those who visit, no only blessings & peace.

I've been working in a few nursing home facilities for the past 7 years, and while they are necessary when the time is needed, my goal is to help seniors stay in their homes longer, by improving their quality of life, where ever they may call home.


  • Providing company, companionship and friendly conversations.
  • Playing games or engaging in mind stimulating activities.
  • Taking short outings to the yard or for short walks when possible.
  • Offering medication reminders, but not assisting with administration.
  • Light exercise guidance within the patient’s limitations and comfort level.
  • Alleviates - loneliness
  • Promotes - Mental (Cognitive) Stimulation

    Socialization - Happiness/Laughter

  • OVERALL improvement in the HEALTH & Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness


  • Preparing light meals such as soups, sandwiches or snacks.
  • Assisting with light housework and chores such as dusting, laundry and light cleanup.
  • Running errands such as short grocery trips, picking up medications, etc.
  • Transportation for your loved one to doctor’s appointments and other outings.


  • Ensures proper nutrition
  • Relieves Stress for Caregivers Mental/Emotional Well being
  • OVERALL improvement in the HEALTH & Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness

Did you know...

  • Science has shown that seniors that stay actively engaged with others and keep their mind working can minimize the progression of and reduce the onset of memory related conditions. 
  • Any aged loved one with regular companionship seem to become ill less often, suffer less from depression and heal faster from injuries.
  • OVERALL improvement in the HEALTH & Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness