About Lisa

I have always been a bit of a dreamer, most of the time I had my head up in the clouds always appearing to be somewhere else.

I grew up superstitious, fearful of rejection and that's how I continued to learn & experiencing fear of success, Self-Doubt, Over-thinking, Introverted tendencies.

Until .....

Priscilla Griffin who reintroduced me to my Team of Spiritual Guides/Angels, and about Chakras which then lead me to:

Planted the seed to my Spiritual Awakening: 

April Sheerin, Spiritual Medium 2006

Helped me step out of the Spiritual Closet: 

Priscilla Griffin, LMHC Psychotherapy & Healing 2007

USUI & Lightarian Reiki Mentor & Angel Therapy Mentor: 

Elizabeth J. Foley, Ph.D., is an International Spiritual Intuitive, Angelologist, Teacher, and Author  2008-2011

Nancy Parker my IET Mentor. 2010

Throughout the years 2006 - present time

Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner Certifications 2013-2019

5 Access Consciousness Bars Facilitators

Mona Wind 2013

PK Kiely 2014

Maureen Demery 2015

Krissy Fitzgerald 2017

Kelley "Raji" Simpson 2019

ServSafe Certification 2019-2022


Gardening, Hummingbirds, Angel Card Oracle Readings 

If you need a sign I have it

Wood signs, Decals for windows, Iron-on's for most materials, Stencils & more... 

My Job ...

Health Care Cook & D.A. F.S.D. in training

Lowell, Medford, Danvers &Wilmington Facilities

(coming soon TBA Steve's Homemade Soups Kitchen Staff)

Mentor, Steve Nappi, F.S.D. aka My Soup Dealer

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