Hello, my name is Lisa and I came out of the "Spiritual" Closet so to speak, back in December 2006 after learning I had an Angelic Team of helpers that we are all born with, after many validations that I did indeed have my own Team of Angels and I began to connect frequently whenever I needed extra support for all mental/emotional/Spiritual levels, I began to read up about each topic such as but not limited too: Reiki, Chakras, Angels & Spirit Guides, Energy etc.

As I became a book worm on these subjects, that's when i stumbled upon a book about Reiki, I had several Ah-ha moments while reading about Energy Healing modalities, Awe - Inspiring connections whether it be a new friend, associate, team player that came into my daily life, that guided me with unlimited choices and courage to make important changes as the timing was right, I was in a manifesting zone right before my eyes, I then knew without a doubt that Reiki would be part of my life journey. An So It Began .....

I began to share Reiki with others by taking Reiki on the road, to my clients homes, I enjoyed very much sharing a Wellness space with Massage therapists in Chelmsford MA. 2009-2014. Formerly "Massage Rocks".

June 2014 i wanted to help others with Reiki on a larger scale, so I got a job in a Nursing Home, and worked in Activities Dept. I loved it! I'm a clown, so it was fun to put smiles on everyone's faces even if they were laughing at or with me!

I am currently a Healthcare Dietary Cook/D.A. FT in Wilmington, MA. continuing to spread Reiki cheer to everyone I come in contact with such as Residents/Family & Healthcare Staff, as I prepare and cook the foods I also Reiki all that comes in and goes out of the kitchen with Love, Peace & Comfort as corny as that sounds.

My Family

Married 9/10/83 to present

1st Baby

"Angel Sarah"


My daughters Stephanie, Melissa & Caroline 

Additional Family members (Tim & Charlie)