Spiritual TOOL BOX

Tools for Physical/Emotional/Mental & Spiritual Wellness

Energy Healing

What to Expect During a Reiki/IET/BARS/Sound Healing Session

I provide a safe, comfortable, private space for you to enjoy your Reiki sessions. Lying on a massage table, and fully clothed, you will relax by listening to soft meditation music (or no music if you prefer) as I scan your energy body by using a light touch of my hands. The head, shoulders, chest and stomach are most commonly worked with, along with the chakra system. Areas of physical ailment (such as a tweaked knee for example) are also focused on when needed.

Same setup for the IET  Sessions.  With IET, it's a more hands-on (NOT  A MASSAGE) touch, where I'll need to place my left hand under your body (head/shoulders/back/hip/knees while you are lying on your back, I will use  my right hand above your body on your front

Sound Healing Sessions - Choices of Tuning Forks, Medicine Drum or Singing Bowls CD while laying on a Reiki Table, fully clothed, and let the sounds take you away while inhaling a subtle scent of Aromatherapy diffusing in the background. 

For the Access Bars Session same setup, except no music is an energy that distracts, discounts and dissipates the charge that is currently there while the Bars practitioner is lightly touching the points that are to be released.

Angel Card Readings: Everything is energy, and energy is vibration. Your body is a finely tuned instrument specifically designed to interpret different vibrations.

Your Angels understand you and know what is most likely to catch your notice. 

  • Are you kinesthetic? If so, you’ll tend to feel something. 
  • Are you visual? Then they’ll plant visual clues for you to detect. 
  • Are you auditory? Then they may play to your ears. 

They’ll use your senses to share information that is beyond your senses.

Another way to connect to your Angels is Ask them to connect to you during and Angel Oracle Card Reading!  And Yes, they will do just that!

Negativity …. it can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency, so we must Vibrate Higher!

  • Low Vibrations - Anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, anger, greed, hatred, self-sabotage , argumentative, worry and complaining
  • Low Vibrations means you are a magnet to illness, disease, sickness, chronic aches/pains
  • High Vibrations - Gratitude, love, joy, peace, compassion, understanding, playful, highly intuitive, present in the moment, patient, forgiving and positive
  • High Vibrations - Energy, Clarity, Confident, Friendly ~ Vibrate higher to increase happiness & abundance!

60-90 Minutes Sessions

Weekly - Biweekly - Monthly

Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars, IET, Sound & Angel Healing Therapy

Lisa Foster is certified in USUI & Lightarian Reiki, Advanced IET Practitioner, Angel Healing Practitioner,  Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner

Certification Classes


Usui & Lightarian

Monthly Events

Reiki Socials Tuesdays

Wellness Wednesdays

Self Care Saturdays

Reiki I & II Certification Saturday

Sippin & Samples Nutritional Wellness

TBA Access Bars Workshop

Access Bars

60 Minutes


Just like Defragging your Computer, You'll defrag your body, mind & spirit!

Upgrade to 90 minutes $100

Access Bars

90 Minutes 


60 Minutes Acces Bars followed by 30 Minutes of Reiki 

Sound Healing

60 minutes


Biofield Tuning

Release, Let Go, Reset your body back to Factory Settings!  Just like reset a computer back to the factory setting!

OHM Tuning Forks

(Shaman  Medicine Drum available)

Angel Card Reading

30 minutes $35

Are you ready to talk with your Angels?  They are waiting to hear from  you!

Receive a FREE Angel Message by connecting with me on 


Upgrade to 60 minutes $55

Reiki Relaxation

60 Minutes $55

Rest, Relax & Refresh on all levels of Physical/Mental & Spiritual 

Upgrade to 90 minutes 

for $75


Healing Session

60  minutes $65

90 minutes $75

Just like massage gets the knots out of your muscles, IET gets your Issues out of the muscle tissues, non-invasive, works on  removing what no longer serves you emotionally/mentally which allows more of what truly does your body good, like more love, light & laughter!

Shaman Medicine Drumming 

Drumming is very natural and tribal in nature. 

The following are ways that drum therapy is being utilized to:

Help Alzheimer’s patients improve their short-term memory and increase social interaction.

Help autistic children increase their attention spans.

Relax tense, high stressed individuals.

Energize when fatigue sets in.

Create states of euphoria and induce light trance.

Promote play, and increase feelings of community and unity.

Release anger and frustration.

Give more movement to patients with paralysis and Parkinson’s disease.

Reiki Daily Intentions

Daily Reiki Intention Box,

A continual flow of Reiki Energy to the person, place or thing of your choosing.


If you would like me to add you, or a person, place or thing to my daily 

 let's connect!

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