too many to list, here are just a few favorites

THERE WERE moments where I felt energy or something moving through my arms and legs. Also, when Lisa was touching my head at one point and knee on another, I felt some intense heat. It was better than expected, and already made another appointment. Thanks Lisa Brett Gibsom, Dracut MA

"Had an appointment last night with Lisa Stephens Foster w/ Beyond Lotus Touch · Chelmsford, aside of InsideOut Wellness Club... I had the worse headache I have ever had due to a new med the Dr wanted me on prior to surgery which also elevated my BP to an all time high (not taking it anymore). Anyway one session of Reiki and WOW... headache gone...slept like a baby... and feel pretty good today too!!! This was my first experience w/ Reiki and I am now a true believer!!! Thank you Lisa!!"

Debbie Sousa Lamothe, Dracut MA

"Lisa, Thank you so much for helping me to breath better, I have COPD and I could hardly walk a few feet without becoming out of breath. After just a few treatments, I was able to breath better, and walk further without being out of breath, the shallow breathing lessened, and even though my lungs can not be healed 100%, my doctor has lowered some of my medicines, and I now can get my breath down into my diaphragm."  Alice, Chelmsford, MA

"What better way to nurture yourself than spending a relaxing moment in Lisa Foster's oasis of tranquility? My experience was uniquely restorative and just the thing I needed to feel as if I really was taking care of myself in the most wonderful way. The setting is calming and tranquil and Lisa's caring nature makes for an experience I'll never forget. Her small, intimate space and Lisa's gentle attention made for just the right setting for a relaxing and rewarding occasion I hope I may soon be able to repeat."

Michelle D July 2012 North Reading, MA

"Wow, Lisa! During my treatment my earlobe began to burn, the heat from you was amazing! The pain in my stomach, that I've been experiencing is gone, that night and the pain in my legs have subsided! Thank You so much!"

Lorraine C, Lowell, MA

"Thank You Lisa! I experience seasonal depression, you helped me last fall, I was able to deal with a lot of stress & and I learned how to deal with all issues, that would get me down. Thanks again!"

Nancy H, Nashua, NH

"Hi Lisa, Remember on my last visit, which was on a Friday evening, you felt something going on in my left chest area? In any case, by Sunday I didn't feel like myself.That night I woke up with pretty intense pain in the left side of my chest. It was very localized and involved the entire left chest, front to back. It was worse with any movement and with breathing. I went to be seen by my NP. Through process of elimination,by Wed.the diagnosis was pleurisy. Inflammation of the sac around the lung.​

My point to you is that I think you were noticing it even before I had developed symptoms. I think the inflammation was probably just beginning when you saw me but wasn't enough to make me feel badly. Could be coincidence but I don't think so."

Nice job!

Billerica, Debbie Cupp, RN